Secrets of the bookmakers

There is been a major trend in the gambling world recently and it’s been the shift from high Street betting shops to online ones and it’s this shift that is brought up some very exciting possibilities. First are the main thing that has happened is the huge amount of competition arises in the marketplace, it used to be that as far as gambling was concerned you are limited to a local area and whatever betting shops closest. This is no longer the case because anyone can bet a place a bet at any time thanks to smart phones and mobile Internet access. In fact I remember a time when there used to be unofficial bookies in most pubs to allowing punters to take bets without leaving the bar!


If you’re talking from a general perspective I suppose one of the main differences that has happened over the last couple of years is the much better odds you can get from online gambling sites. This is because these sites are regularly comparing the roads with other bookmakers in a similar niche in fact they can actually compare odds for specific points of the match and work out whether they are doing better than there competitor or not. This means is a constant squeeze on the profit margin of the bookmakers which if you’re hardened gambler is probably no bad thing, most of us have an axe to grind with the people regularly taking our money!

Another very unexpected factor which is cropped up in the online betting world by the really obscure wagers you can get on modern betting sites. For example in a football match it used to be just win lose or draw that you could bet on but now you can more or less bet on any aspect of it. You can bet on how many red or yellow cards the referee will give out, how many corners there will be or even if there is a penalty or not. Indeed you can also bet on the exact score into infinite possibilities which does make things very interesting. I bet most people would have liked to have 500 to 1 odds on the 7 – 1 defeat of Brazil to Germany in the World Cup. Just think for £100 spent you could have had 50 grand back! This kind of bet just simply wasn’t available 10 years ago it was to cost prohibitive for small bookmakers to get in on these kind of options, just another exciting point about the Internet you didn’t realise 10 minutes ago.

If there is a downside to Internet betting it’s that some of the online betting sites are less than reputable and me even steal your credit card or other personal info. I don’t say this to make you paranoid but just to make you aware of reality because the Internet is still the wild West in some ways in the gambling side of things probably has more problems than the rest of it. It’s just something you need to be aware of so you should always try and check out your bookmakers legitimacy before you deposit any funds with them. It’s not even at something sinister as them stealing your credit card maybe they just refuse to pay out on a winning bet which could be very frustrating!