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Fabulous Hair Boutique is an upscale hair boutique that was established to offer only the very best in exotic human hair extensions and wigs to customers around the world that want and deserve the very best hair that money can buy. We import the most lustrous, pure, 100% cuticle, virgin remy hair directly from India, Brazil and China (Malaysia) for re-sell in the United States. Diamonds and Curlz are a Girls Best Friend! A girl just can’t get enough diamonds or a good bundle of hair! Diamonds and Curlz Hair Extensions provides quality virgin Malaysian, Peruvian, Brazilian, and Remy human Hair at an affordable price. Why We Do It

Having natural hair extensions done in a salon can cost close to $2,000 and in many cases, they are only designed to last for a few months. For those of us who need a more cost-effective option, clip-on extensions are a smart choice. Instead of dealing with messy, glued-on extensions or professional weaves, you can just clip on the hair, style and go! This hair can last for a very long time depending on how you maintain it. With proper care, this hair will last until YOU decide that you’re ready for new hair.

09.57 Hussein makes comparisons with the the French air crash in 2009 because the conditions in the Indian ocean are similar to the conditions in the Atlantic where that plane was found. He says that he has been speaking to the French team who had to deal with the passengers of that crash for two years about “how to deal with raw emotions”. Fayuan is professional manufacturer for human hair extensions, with 7 years history. Now, Fayuan has 3 factories, 3 stores, more than 9,000 kilograms human hair stock. Unlike most virgin hair products in the market, our unique procedure keeps the hair from excessive chemical or machine manufacturing process.

The best hair extensions will stay looking great for multiple uses, as long as they are properly cared for. Hair extensions made from human hair must be carefully maintained using special shampoo and condition prior to wearing them and after each wear. Purchasing high quality extensions is the best way to ensure that your hair will stand up to multiple washings and regular wear, while still looking great. March 1, 2013 The virgin Indian hair I purchased from Arreis Cheveux is exactly what I hoped for and needed. I can wear it curly or straight and it’s easy to manage. I love it! I will definitely purchase from again.

Kelli B. is the creator of Princess Hair Shop ( PHS ). Princess Hair Shop is an online hair company offering premium quality hair for weaving, extensions and wigs. Kelli didn’t start her business because she’s a licensed hairdresser, she’s not. Her business resulted from having negative experiences purchasing hair over the years as a consumer. She’s worn extensions, weaves and wigs for many years. Her dream was to have her own hair business because she knew she could offer a higher quality product with better customer service than she experienced. Kelli shares how she started her business, insider tips and what’s hot when it comes to hair extensions.
Once again, the less products you put in your hair, the better. Product buildup is a sure-fire way to kill a weave. The most you want to do is condition the hair and oil your scalp. And you ONLY oil your scalp NOT the hair. When you’re wearing a synthetic weave, no product allowed. Put down the Let’s Jam! and ampro gel, and stick to light hair products. Just because a product works for your own natural hair doesn’t mean it will be good for your extensions. Avoid greasy or heavy products as it will weigh down the hair.